Online Talent Pools

Have you ever wanted to know what top talent might be available for one of your projects, but didn’t want the hassle of sifting through an online CV library or going out to market through the usual contingency-based recruitment avenue?  
That’s where our client specific online talent pools come into play. We’ve just launched a brand-new approach to hiring top talent through the use of Talent Pools. Behind the scenes we’re constantly engaging with the utility markets top IT talent, and over time, have created a list of “approved” Talent. This consist of candidates that we know have a proven record, whether that’s through us, or from one of our clients. Linking this with the relationship and understanding we build with our clients, enables us to build pools of resources that match the criteria you define.
For a small additional cost, we can provide client online access to these tailored Talent Pools, so you can easily identify potential resources for upcoming projects. Talent that you can then engage with directly depending on your requirements.
This works hand in hand with our payroll services where we can track all your previous tried and tested hires. We provide you with simple online access to review the talent you’ve hired before, thus avoiding going back out to market for a new and unproven resource.

Cloud Architect (DevOps)

Cloud Architect Dev Ops person with CI CD Bamboo. 6... read more