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SQL AWS C# Mobile Apps Developer

Ref: 126| Posted: 14th Feb 2020

SQL C# AWS Javascript Mobile Apps Developer


Key skills: SQL (SQL server 2014 at AWS), IIS, HTML, HTML5, ASP, COM+ components, ASP.NET using C# plus CSS, Javascript including JQuery, VB and mobile apps and/or experience with AWS or cloud computing.


Online retail company need a Developer to join an existing team to design and help to build mobile friendly applications. Technology is a mix of new and old and the role will be to help move to make the platform mobile friendly.

They are looking for someone to work with and support our existing IT developers working in a team of 3 with our 2 other experienced programmers. 

There are some options to work remotely (once settled in for 1-3 days per week)


They have a complex internal system comprising of externally hosted servers, and in-house servers for many bespoke applications running predominantly on a Windows Server platform but also other platforms including the Linux environment.   They run a large number of in-house applications with VB and C# including a complex stock control and ordering processing system, custom applications to create and send marketing emails, and web services based applications to make payments and maintain stock & orders, plus Outlook add-ins that provide our sales team with one-click processing of orders for 3rd party websites.


The websites and servers at AWS run IIS and an SQL Server 2014 database, and also a MySQL database on a Linux OS back-end. 


Internally the 25+ users run a mix of Windows 7 and Windows 10 on laptops/desktops


Must be someone that can learn quickly and take ownership of work they have been given. Curious minds that have the skills and desire to want to change things are most desirable.

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